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Electronic Lien and Titling Program (ELT)

What is ELT?
The Electronic Lien and Titling program, ELT, is a paperless method by which the Office of Motor Vehicles, public tag agents, and Lenders (lien holders) can exchange vehicle and title information.  An electronic title is a title that exists only in electronic form.  Recording a lien by this method will not generate a paper title. 

When will this new procedure become effective?   Beginning June 30, 2010, electronic filing of liens by financial companies becomes mandatory.  OMV 's policy requires all lending institutions* to register through a licensed and approved public Tag Agent.  Licenses and Auto Titles is a licensed and approved agent. 

* Act Number 65 states that ..."Each federally insured depository institution that originates more than two hundred fifty motor vehicle transactions per year, and each finance company, lending institution, or other lender shall designate a public tag agent with which such bank, finance company, lending institution, or other lender shall interface its computer system for the purpose of receiving electronic confirmation from the department, of the receipt and the filing of the security interest on the subject motor vehicle......"

How does ELT work?
To utilize the ELT program, a lien holder must contract with a participating public tag agent.  With the ELT program, the transaction to record a lien can be processed by any motor vehicle office or public tag agent.  Pertinent title information will be electronically transmitted from the State database to participating public tag agent via a nightly batch process. This information can then be transmitted from the public tag agent to the lien holder.  Lienholder  will access their records by a secure link on tag agent's web site, allowing you to check your vehicle liens, make maintenance changes and other transactions involving Client's files.  This involves no special software for the lienholder.

All documentation and applicable fees/taxes required to generate a paper title for a lien holder will still be required, plus a small fee for processing the ELT file.

After a lien has been satisfied, the lien holder can transmit an electronic message to the public tag agent.  The public tag agent will process a transaction to cancel the lien, thereby generating a clear paper title to be mailed.

The ELT program also provides that a lien holder can request a paper title be printed before the lien has been satisfied, such as in the case of a repossession.

No conversion of existing paper titles to electronic titles, or complete conversion of electronic titles to paper title, is mandated, however, Lender (Lien holder) may opt to convert all of their titles with approval from OMV and payment of a fee.

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Please ask for our agreement contract or click the link below for printable form.  It is simple and further explains our process and the fees.